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SP. Technomac is a leading Rescue Saw Supplier Manufacturer in India. During firefighting and rescue operations, rotary rescue saws are high-speed cutting equipment that allows rescuers to quickly and effectively cut through varied materials.

STIHL chainsaws combine cutting-edge technology with great power, a comfortable ergonomic design, and a lightweight. These characteristics reduce the strain on both man and the environment. Chainsaws from STIHL are available in a range of equipment variants and for a variety of applications, with power ratings ranging from 1.3 kW to 6.4 kW.

It's a heavy-duty power tool that makes clean cutter holes by spinning a little wheel around. Simply described, a rotary saw is any power saw that cuts with a toothed or abrasive blade that revolves around an arbor in a rotating motion. It's also known as a cutout tool or a spiral cut saw.

Advantages of Rescue Saws

1. They are lightweight and portable.

2. They operate in a quiet manner.

3. They are quite light.

4. There are numerous appliances to choose from.

Our entire service offering is geared to our clients' specific needs, and we can help you create a pleasant and inviting environment. They're popular with customers because of their appealing designs and high-quality finishes. These are high-quality products that must be delivered within a certain amount of time.

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