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Walk behind Scrubber Dryer – M 105

S.P. Technomac is a leading Best "Housekeeping Machines Supplier", Manufacturer, Suppliers. In Pune, India, They collect dust and waste from the floor and deposit it in the trash can. A janitor's trolley is a tiny cart that holds cleaning equipment such as detergents, spray bottles, a dustbin, a mop, and dusting cloths. It's lightweight and portable.

Product Description

1. Flexible turning, small volume, easy to use and maintain

2. An intelligent water volume induction technology protects Brush disc and water-absorbing sticky tape.

3. Manual operation is required for the X5 series of electric hand push scrubbers.

4. Easy maintenance design, Battery and water tank maintenance is simple, and brus disc and water-absorbing adhesive tape replacement need no tool.

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