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S.P. Technomac is a leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Trader of Brush Cutter Suppliers in Pune, India. as well as Electric Grass Cutters Machine Supplier and Dealer. These brushes are commonly used to cut in before roller painting. Made specifically for door and window frames, as well as the ceiling, wall, and corner parts. They have less filament than wall brushes since paint holding capacity is not as important, and the long handle aids in stroke control.

Advantages of brush cutter

Easy to use - The small designs of these brush cutter instruments ensure the farmers' comfort and convenience.

Versatile – These cutters come with a variety of blade attachments that allow you to tailor the device to the job at hand.

A Powerful Tool - Small undesirable plantations to the hardest spots are easily cleaned with a powerful brush cutter.

Entry level Brush cutter

Professional Brush Cutter

Clearing Saws

Backpack Brush Cutter

Electric Brush Cutter

Cordless Brush Cutter

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